Intissar Belaid is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Tunisia. She explores different techniques in the fields of cinema and arts. Her work revolves around tackling concepts like perception and time, human and nonhuman history, as well as collective and individual memory, through an artistic approach that adopts divergent points of view.

Intissar investigates a variety of disciplines in order to question a generation in relation to its memory in a current socio-political context. Through this questioning, she traces what remains of an event, an era, a history. She has taken part in Art residencies in France and Denmark (Cité des Arts - Paris, Danish SVALHOM exchange program), and her works were showcased in film festivals and international art galleries. During the last years, Intissar Belaid has supervised filmmaking workshops for children and teenagers addressing subjects as diverse as current: pollution, love in the days of the internet, global pandemic, etc.


(selection since 2014)

2020 “News from Nowhere“ Open Studio, Tunis

2019 “El Kazma" / L'Heure d‘Hiver - Tunis, Cinema Galeries, Brussels

2019 “El Kazma", Gabès Cinema Fen, Gabès Tunisia

2018 Art residency at Cité des Arts, Paris

2017 1:54 Art Fair, London

2016 Solo Exhibition “Al Madina“ AGorgi Gallery, Tunis

2015 Art Residency “SVALHOLM“, Aarhus, Denmark

2014 Group Exhibition, National Library, Tunis