News from Nowhere

“Fragment of Memory“ 2021 Syringe needle on a fossil stone, “News from Nowhere“ 2020-2022

Open Studio, Tunis, 2020 with Moritz Hagedorn

For years, scientists around the world have observed that the oceans and seas level is constantly rising, and they never fail (an opportunity) to warn of the matter’s serious repercussions on the earth's ecosystem and the human race.

In this ongoing project, the eclectic approach considers what may remain after the flood, in a future in which this theory is confirmed; visual and sound traces of some human and nonhuman existences; that are the tools of the future to understand the past.

WHAT MAY REMAIN II, 32cm x 44cm, 2020
TEMESTA PAUSE, 33cm x 44cm, 2020
WHAT MAY REMAIN I, 40cm x 60cm, 2020
TIMELINE, 40cm x 60cm, 2020
STONES STUDIES I, Video Installation, 2020

TV showing a succession of stones found on the beach: from the natural to the construction. The chronological evolution on this video is based on the Tunisian architecture history.